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  • Why Is Indian culture losing popularity among Indians?

    They think if they call themselves Hindu, their job is over. They think those who know some stories about ten-headed demons and some Gods are good Hindus.They know nothing, but they show like they know everything about their religion, and they are trying hard to keep their culture alive. In today's scenario, people really don't care for knowledge of their culture and the other serious stuff.

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    Reflecting The Beauty Of Strangers.

    stranger standing in crowd

    Exploring gives the idea of what about anything is and traveling helps in exploring this World or say traveling is a heavenly way of spending our life.This World is like a room with big walls and you are like a painter who has every color in his hands.Now it is up to you whether you are going to leave the painting in middle or you are going to leave the walls colorless only for the sake of priceless rest.

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