• International Yoga Day
  • International Yoga Day-Stay fit and feel proud to be an INDIAN

    International Day of Yoga (Hindi: Antarashtriya Yog Divas). It is or widely and unofficially referred to as Yoga Day.This special day for yoga was declared by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on 11 December 2014.Thanks to Mr. Narendra Modi who suggested the date 21 June as the International Yoga Day to UN in his address to the UN. Yoga is way/practice of relaxing our body physically, mentally and/or spiritually.Since the introduction, this initiative found immense support from many Global leaders. 177 nations joined hands and co-sponsored the resolution. It is the highest number of co-sponsors ever recorded for any UNGA resolution.

    I am proud to be an Indian.I feel proud because the World is getting highly influenced by Yoga and Yoga is an attribute mostly related to India.The origin of Yoga to the reformation everything related to India.The World is highly appreciating India and Mr. Narendra Modi for this special day.Since its inception couple of years ago on 21 June 2015, it is Globally gaining billions of population.Yoga is a form of exercise/practice which helps in avoiding sickness related to physical, mental and spiritual.It contains various types of exercises and meditation which increase the immunity of human naturally.

    There are so many around the World, who contributed to the inception of yoga.But, there is a man himself(Ramdev Baba) Who is like a messenger or a father or a book of yoga also helped yoga to regain its popularity or in creating huge influence on World's population.Yoga Guru Ramdev just influenced and motivated lacs of people around the world.He redefined the term yoga.

    Yoga practice includes meditation which gives our mind a beautiful blank space to direct ourself to the GOD, to think freely and to feel calm.This is a natural way of solving internal problems.O this day (21 June 2017) take some time and do some Yoga.Not only this day but we all have to adopt this for our lifetime. This will make us stay fit and keeps us away from consuming too much of World's medicine.The World is celebrating this day hugely. they are practicing Yoga on Times Square(New York), India Gate (Delhi) etc.

    So prepare yourself and do Yoga if need some motivation see some images from all around the World, see people doing Yoga all around the World.Take a resolution to stay fit and calm by doing Yoga until you breathe this life.

    Written by-Sajan Kumar Gaurav.
    Patna, Bihar