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  • A love bond between Pakistan and Terrorism.

    Maleeha Lodhi who represents Pakistan at the UN said India is the mother of terrorism in South Asia during her address in General Assembly early Sunday morning.Replying to the words of Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, Lodhi claimed that India's posture is that of a predator.Earlier Indian Foreign Minister commented that Pakistan is a "pre-eminent export factory for terror".

    This statement of Lodhi proves that Pakistan is as same as a wet wild cat scratching the pole after losing her prestige.Lodhi also said that India is supporting and aiding terrorism and related activities across the border.She said that Indian leaders have Muslim blood on their hands.Lodhi seems to be like the face of terrorism while speaking these words.

    "Kashmir is not a part of India," Lodhi stressed.She added that the global community needs to make India stop violating the ceasefire arrangement between the two countries.

    OMG, what's Maleeha Lodhi said was like the most fucking altered words of this mankind.This world knows who the hell always violates the rules and who the hell always wants a fight.You always speaks rubbish but this world knows that you are the most loving lover of the terrorism and you always make out with terrorism.

    We know that opinions doesn't make any sense to Pakistan but we want you to be a great country in the dictionary of mankind not the worst country in the dictionary of the terrorism.You were the part of India so we Indians wants you to be a good neighbor, not the one who always sucks the blood of innocents.

    Opinions always hurt but this is true that even your own citizens now hates being there in Pakistan.You have enough land and enough manpower to educate yourself but you will not because you love to train terrorists. You have enough lands to create great infrastructure but you will not because you love to create a terrorist army and terrorist bases.You have rules to control and to spread love and peace but you will not because you love to break rules, you love to violate ceasefire, you love to spread hatred and bombs and guns.

    Take this free opinion and be a peaceful country instead of a terrorism loving country.

    Written by-Sajan Kumar Gaurav.
    Patna, Bihar