• Baba Ram Rahim
  • Ram Rahim Got A Gift Of 10 Years of Jail: A Lesson For All Babas.

    Dera Sacha Sauda chief Baba Ram Rahim finally got what he means to be deserved.CBI court on Monday finally sentenced him 10 years of imprisonment for raping two of his women followers.Under the shelter of such a huge follower base, Ram Rahim did all the bad things. Earlier, Ram Rahim Singh was sent to Rohtak jail. On Monday, CBI judge flew to Rohtak jail and listened to the both sides for 10 minutes(for each side). CBI, however, sought life imprisonment but the defence restricted the punishment up to 10 years only.

    Under Sections 375 and 376, the minimum punishment is of seven years but he got the gift of 10 years in prison. The CBI judge, however, increases the imprisonment up-to 10 years. Soon after Ram Rahim got the imprisonment, the situation in Punjab and Haryana became critical.The high alert was imposed n both state till further notice.

    Today he was crying in the front of the lawyer and the judge and was reminding them of his good deeds in the past. He was nothing but a face of evil in the dress of a saint and was doing nothing but covering his bad deeds by glorifying his image among his followers.He may have thought that by doing movies and music albums he will be able to paint his bad image but the truth is this that a bad is the bad.

    India is meant to be a spiritual country and a very religious environment glorify the image of this country. Some babas and gurus are defaming India on the religious ground.The main problem is in us not in the one who pretends to be God in front of the millions of people. This proved that we are so weak to be influenced by anyone's word. People like Ram Rahim will always do according to their mind until we will not change our mentality and avoid getting influenced by any person who pretends to be The God's messenger or God.

    sajan Written by-Sajan Kumar Gaurav.
    Patna, Bihar