• Baba Ram Rahim
  • Spiritualityy In Yawning- People Believes More In Babas?

    Now the current going is a proof of having a sick mentality. We live in a country where a rape convict is enjoying a fan base or say follower or say a bunch of sick and blind followers.Why these people can't understand that a rapist is a convict and nothing more than that?

    The spirituality is being ruined by the thousands of babas and gurus but they are not fully responsible.The blind peoples or crowd who follows them are the real crap.You believe in other and do the things what they say or want.Just believe in yourself and do what your heart feels right.You have your God residing in your heart and soul.

    Almost 40+ died, 400+ got injured and thousands are in prison due to one person.Baba Ram Rahim did and you all are suffering.This is not a good sign of being a human.People say that they are the follower of Baba Ram Rahim and they are protesting and devastating each and everything to save their innocent baba.If you are a follower of an innocent baba then why you all are devastating the public property and killing people all around? The answer is simply clear that you all are sick.

    India, being a spiritual country suffered a lot due to these kinds of baba.Protesting, killing, riots only shows that a man if called baba can control a crore of people, can stop the heart of a country, can ruin the public property easily.They are the one who modifies your heart by saying some beautiful words.You all are encouraging them by protesting for them, by killing for them.You all are interrupting the development and increasing the financial holes by creating a situation of curfew.

    The International media is also criticising India for being so blinded by a Baba.

    Baba Ram Rahim has an image of rock star baba and he had made some movies that collected well due to huge followers list.In 2014, his first song released and that established him as a "Rockstar Baba".After that, he released his movies and so he got more popularity.People believe that he has some God's power and he is the messenger of God.

    Just believe in humanity and love.God is inside you not in anyone who call themselves as a baba or guru.After Asharam Bapu Ji, Baba Ram Rahim reflected the real consequences of believing in babas, believing the one who calls himself as the messenger of God.

    sajan Written by-Sajan Kumar Gaurav.
    Patna, Bihar