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  • Terrorism has no religion ?(Part 1)

    I know this is a very sensitive matter, but please first read the whole and then feel what is right and what is wrong and say me whether I am wrong or right. Once in a while, the news is filled with a group of extremist Muslims who slaughter people and commit the most unthinkable crimes under the name of Islam. ISIS is a recent example. If you ask such people that why they are committing such obvious wrong deeds and still consider it the command of the God, they would answer that they are trusting a Muslim scholar and that they receive the commands of the God through him. Blindly accepting this trust they consider the scholar's commands equivalent to the God's commands and blindly follow the scholar's instructions to make the God happy. But does not this method sound too similar to shirk, the exact opposite of Islam's primary message, which is not following anybody except the God? How did this happen? How did that origin with the clearest message come to this obvious contradictory point?

    In the "Belief vs. Trust" MATTER show that similarly to all modern religions, in the current understanding of Islam also believing in God is interpreted as trusting a religious package preached by the local religious scholars. After analysing the roots of such interpretation in all religions, it shows that key element that legitimises the incorporation of trusting scholars into Islamic practice is considering Hadith as a pillar of Islam. The current Islam which is mixed with Hadith has become so complicated that leaves an ordinary Muslim with no solution but seeking the advice of some Hadith experts (or scholars) about "what Islam says".This blind obedience creates the potential for extremism: if the religious scholar is extremist, the blind followers also apply the extremism in the name of religion.

    Then in the "Islam without Hadith" matter, I list the pros and cons of existence of Hadith in the current Islamic practice, and show that by eliminating Hadith not only we do not lose any of the core Islamic values but also we are given the chance to rediscover the Simple Islam, the religion which guides us to nothing but reasonable, beautiful deeds. In Simple Islam, which is free from the complexities of Hadith, there is no space for religious scholars to instruct their blind followers to such unbelievable crimes. In the "Scope" matter, I then revisit some of the controversial topics in Quran, such as slavery and women's rights, and observe a Quran very different from what the scholars have been preaching for years.

    So the terrorists are not of any group or community, they have their own community and religion. They actually are known as violent extremist and they only want to destroy and nothing else...You all have a heart then why you keep thinking like an animal. We have to change our thinking and of course, our fake beliefs and norms, just believe in one-word love.

    Everyone has something special and I think we are special already because we are human and think of humanity.At the same time, they are the violent extremist and they will force you to learn wrong things but it depends on you whether you want to be a human with heart or you want to be an animal with some bloody thinking.

    Written by-Sajan Kumar Gaurav.
    Patna, Bihar