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  • A Tribute To A Newcomer-World Photography Day.

    I don't know anything about photography but I know that when a photographer clicks a view, it becomes more beautiful than ever. Nature has numerous beauty hidden in her arms and sometimes we can't see them. The photographers are those who bring out the smallest of beauty from the arms of nature.

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    Spirituality In Yawning- People Believes More In Babas?

    Baba ram rahim, Ram Rahim, Baba

    Now the current going is a proof of having a sick mentality. We live in a country where a rape convict is enjoying a fan base or say follower or say a bunch of sick and blind followers.Why these people can't understand that a rapist is a convict and nothing more than that?
    The spirituality is being ruined by the thousands of babas and gurus but they are not fully responsible.

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    Terrorism has no religion ?(Part 1)

    terrorism, terrorist,

    Once in a while, the news is filled with a group of extremist Muslims who slaughter people and commit the most unthinkable crimes under the name of Islam. ISIS is a recent example. I know this is a very sensitive matter, but please first read the whole and then feel what is right and what is wrong and say me

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