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  • Top Fattest States of America Revealed.

    The fattest states in America have been revealed for 2017. Mississippi is again topping the list for the second year after 2016. The reports came from Wallethub. Wallethub ranked the states using 19 different metrics, including three key components, obesity and overweight prevalence, health consequences, and food and fitness.

    Few of the highest-ranked states are Mississippi, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana.

    The states which comes in bottom five or say the ranked states are Colorado, Massachusetts, Utah, Hawaii and Montana.

    Seems like a competion of getting overweight is going on there and a report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says more than seven in 10 US adults (20 and older )are either overweight or obese.The report breaks down which states have the most obese children, the highest percent of physically inactive adults, and the highest percent of adults with type 2 diabetes.

    The highest percentage of overweight children can be found in North Dakota, Kansas, Florida, Tennessee, and South Dakota.

    While the highest percentage of obese children are found in Mississippi, Texas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Rhode Island.

    Nevada is the state with the highest percentage of overweight adults.The second spot is occupied by Alaska and New Jersey tied for second and Montana and Florida.

    The report also revealed the highest number of overweight adults are found in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, and Arkansas, which has become a trend due to disparities in healthcare in the Appalachian region.These states needs more control and more healthcare and health investment.

    It is no surprise that the states dubbed the 'fattest' or with the highest obesity rate were ranked near the bottom of WalletHub's report of the states with the best healthcare released in August.

    A report from the Physical Activity Council says that more than 80 million Americans aged six and older and were completely inactive in previous year. It is clear that it's happening due to the lack of physical activity, genetics problem, lack of sleep and the improper food consumption.

    And as America's obesity problem grows, the weight-loss industry continues to expand.Americans will have to spend almost billions of dollars to get rid of this problem.The report revealed that Americans are expected to spend more than $68 billion on weight loss programs this year, though the US spends nearly $200 billion in annual health care costs related to obesity.

    Written by-Sajan Kumar Gaurav.
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