• 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World-2017.

    The world is full of frustration and irritation due to the high load of livelihood.All countries are in race of development.In this busy kind of world we wish to live or go to a peaceful place.Every human wants to live in a peaceful place like to live in a peaceful place. The Institute of Economics and Peace given the Global Peace Index (GPI) report that shows the relative level of peace in 162 countries. They ranked every countries based on various indicators like relations with neighboring countries, level of violent crime, the absence of war, contribution to U.N peace keeping mission, schooling, tourism safety, cleanliness etc..

    10.Japan(GPI Score-1.408)

  • japan,10th most peaceful country

  • Japan is also well-known for peaceful environment not only for technology.Japan has only an internal security force and possess no military force.The crime rates are negligible in Japan.Japan is also known for the best transportation system in the world.The bullet train is one of its important transportation system which can achieve a speed of 350 km/hr.So go and feel beauty and peace of japan.

    9.Switzerland(GPI Score-1.373)

  • switzerland, most peaceful country

  • Low crime rate and peaceful environment, Switzerland is having all the goodness.Switzerland has very high salary rate and has a very low tax rate.It is known for the variety of food and traveling destination.Switzerland is one of the greenest country in the world.It includes a very extensive cycle routes also.It is a heaven for any touristst.This country is a green treat for any eyes.

    8.Canada(GPI Score-1.371)

  • Canada, most peaceful country

  • Canada is one of the most educated country in the world. The percentage of educated population of the country is 52.6%.The core element of this country is security.The government ensures to provide best security to everyone.The country has very low crime rate and homicide.According to the report of the OECD, this country has a life satisfaction score of 7.6 out of 10.Go and get satisfied as they are.

    7.Slovenia(GPI Score-1.364)

  • slovenia, most peaceful country

  • An example of beauty with peace.This country of Central Europe has very low crime rate.This country is very tourist friendly because everyone helps tourists to explore the places and helps to feel the peace in the air.So go and hold their hand to explore the beauty.

    6.Czech Republic(GPI Score-1.360).

  • czechrepublic, most peaceful country

  • A small landlocked country.This European country shares borders with Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland. This country has the most visited city in Europe,Prague.Prague is beautiful and it is also is the capital of Czech Republic.The crime rate is very low and the services for tourists are very high rated so don't worry about anything.Czech Republic has diverse population.The transportation system of this country is very friendly and very safe.So what are you waiting for! just go and explore the things up.

    5.Denmark(GPI Score-1.337).

  • denmark, most peaceful country

  • The happiest country in the world.This country is least corrupt and has high literacy rate, high standard of living and high health care systems.The women empowerment in this country is high due to very high gender equality.The large number of population of Copenhagen prefer to ride bicycle or walking to reach the destination instead of using petroleum transportation.Copehagen is the most populated city in Denmark.Denmark also promises free education and health care because of higher welfare system.This country will give you the best to explore nad feel so go and travel.

    4.Austria(GPI Score-1.265).

  • austria, most peaceful country

  • As by nominal per capital GDP this country is one of the richest country in the world.The country has very good transportation systems and reflects high standard of living.Austria is a very clean country and its strict recycling law helps to protect the environment.This country has very low crime rate.The beautiful historical architecture and places attracts millions of tourists every year.Go and live your heart out.

    3.Portugal(GPI Score-1.258).

  • portugal, most peaceful country

  • Portugal is a peaceful country.This country is very safe and peaceful and government played a very important role in enhancing security and safety.There is a large number of police officers and internal security officers to keep the peaceful atmosphere of the country.This country has low crime rate and homicide rate, low-cost of living, best transportation system and good climatic condition.

    2.New Zealand(GPI Score-1.241).

  • New Zealand, most peaceful country

  • A very beautiful country with beautiful places and friendly people.The climatic condition of this country is very good.The judiciary system in this country is very strong.The crime rates are low and so the people wants to go there.New Zealand has also a world-class educational system and health care.The government provides free or low-cost medical support.This country is social frienly.Go and explore this beautiful part of the world.

    1.Iceland(GPI Score-1.111).

  • Iceland, most peaceful country

  • The first european country to elect a female President.The literacy rate of this country is 99% and the education there, is free.The crime and homicide rate is negligible in this country.There are so many things that makes Iceland most peaceful country in the world to live in.This country is also free from mosquitoes because they can't thrive in Icelandic conditions.

    Written by-Sajan Kumar Gaurav.
    Patna, Bihar