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  • Top 25 Happiest Cities of America.

    If you want to get happy, don't try to fake your belief system or change it. Change your environment. Exploring new environment and new places can make you way happier than you think. We always frustrate and goes in depression due to the bad environment and places we go. In this freaking world, we are having trouble to get happiness easily. There are very few places left to be live freely.

    America has the pressure of having the superpower tag to its name and people there always tries to find happiness in anything. Where you live in the world has a tremendous impact on your mood(happiness and sadness), it may be a vacation, or you are at work, or any place.Recently National Geographic, scientists at Gallup, and New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner have endeavored to look at cities of America. By exploring they've brought a list of the 25 happiest cities in the USA.

    The team measured happiness with the National Geographic/Blue Zones Index, which was developed to measure the happiness of a given population. The Index uses these metrics importantly, it also includes civic engagement, healthy food options, walkability, and connections to nature. The data was published as the cover story in the November issue of National Geographic, as well as in the recently published book The Blue Zones of Happiness.

    Topping the list is Boulder, Colorado. It rises to the top because of its "sense of community, access to nature, sustainable urban development, and preservation policies." Additionally, more people walk to work in Boulder than anywhere else in the USA.

    Not included in the list are the America's least happy places, which are cited in the study as Charleston, West Virginia; Fort Smith, Arkansas; and Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, North Carolina.

    Here's a look at the top 25 cities in the USA, many of which appear on the recently published list examining the most educated city in every state of the USA.

    1. Boulder, CO

    2. Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA

    3. Charlottesville, VA

    4. Fort Collins, CO (where rent has dropped over the last year)

    5. San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles-Arroyo Grande, CA

    6. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA

    7. Provo-Orem, UT (an underrated city)

    8. Bridgeport-Stamford, CT

    9. Barnstable Town, MA

    10. Anchorage, AK

    11. Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, FL

    12. Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA

    13. Salinas, CA

    14. North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, FL

    15. Urban Honolulu, HI

    16. Ann Arbor, MI

    17. San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA (despite the high rent)

    18. Colorado Springs, CO (home of the mad pooper)

    19. Manchester-Nashua, NH

    20. Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA

    21. Washington DC-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV

    22. Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI

    23. San Diego-Carlsbad, CA

    24. Portland-South Portland, ME

    25. Austin-Round Rock, TX

    Written by-Sajan Kumar Gaurav.
    Patna, Bihar