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  • Top 25 Happiest Cities of America.

    America has the pressure of having the superpower tag to its name and people there always tries to find happiness in anything. Where you live in the world has a tremendous impact on your mood(happiness and sadness), it may be a vacation, or you are at work, or any place.Recently National Geographic, scientists at Gallup, and New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner have endeavored to look at cities of America. By exploring they've brought a list of the 25 happiest cities in the USA.

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    10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World-2017.

    most peaceful countries in the world

    The world is full of frustration and irritation due to the high load of livelihood.All countries are in race of development.In this busy kind of world we wish to live or go to a peaceful place.Every human wants to live in a peaceful place like to live in a peaceful place. The Institute of Economics and Peace given the Global Peace Index (GPI) report that shows the relative level of peace in 162 countries.

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    Do Travelers Live Longer?

    We all know that traveling is one of the most interesting and beautiful feeling in this World.We all want to go to new places to explore the beauty and to enjoy the resources and scenery of those places. Just in case you are planning for a travel, we thought you all should first know that not only is it good for your soul but it is also good for your body and brain.

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